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Data download
  • War products | Battlefield Network Countermeasure experimental platform

    The experimental platform of Battlefield Network countermeasure can be used for the demonstration of Battlefield Network Countermeasure scheme, the research of network attack and defense key technology, the exercise of Battlefield Network Countermeasure tactics / tactics, the evaluation of battlefield network security performance, the demonstration of network electric operation concept, etc.

  • IR dynamic target simulator system released by Weier

    Infrared dynamic target simulator system is the key equipment in the hardware in the loop simulation system of infrared guided weapon. It can realize the image simulation of target, background and battlefield environment, provide accurate, controllable and repeatable experimental conditions in the laboratory, and test the performance of infrared detection and sensing equipment

  • Interactive Tactical Simulation Platform Based on UE4 real time rendering

    The Interactive Tactical Simulation Platform is developed based on UE4 3D visualization technology and virtual simulation technology. It provides tactical design and virtual battlefield verification environment, and carries out corresponding Tactical Simulation and deduction. It can visually display the whole tactical deduction situation process, and can conduct statistical analysis to summarize

  • Communication countermeasure simulation design verification platform

    It has the framework of "multi-dimensional simulation, simulation, simulation and Simulation of communication environment"

  • Weier product | complex electromagnetic environment simulation test system

    Through the digital simulation of a certain type of electronic equipment in the face of complex electromagnetic environment, this case deduces the all-round influence of complex electromagnetic environment on certain type of electronic countermeasure equipment; and based on the results of digital simulation, through hardware in the loop functional equivalence, scale equivalent and tactical dynamic construction, etc

  • Hardware in the loop simulation system for man machine collaborative data link

    Based on vrnet developer integrated network simulation platform developed by Weier science and Technology Co., Ltd., the hardware in the loop simulation system is used to simulate the tactical data link at the protocol stack level, and the data link network planning tool is used to configure the data link simulation scenarios in a user guided manner