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Partial task trainer

Weier science and technology can provide customized development services for multiple types and types of flight simulators according to customer requirements. With professional visual, control and instrumentation system independent research and development capabilities and complete simulator manufacturing strength, more realistic restore the real driving process. To provide customers with systematic single aircraft flight simulation training and performance level multi Aircraft Cooperative confrontation training solutions.

Partial task trainer (PTT)

PPT It is a very economic and effective solution in flight training. It can train pilots in normal and unconventional operation procedures through a fully simulated cockpit environment. Ppt uses the touch screen to display the cabin environment according to the actual cabin size ratio. PPT can improve the effect of pilot training by adding pilot control hardware.

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Cockpit program trainer (CPT)

Cockpit program trainer is a kind of flight training equipment with high economy and high fidelity. It can simulate cockpit environment for pilots by integrating real cockpit or emulator. More than 40% of initial training courses can be completed on CPT, thus saving training time on FFS.

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