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Operational application of command information system

Operational training of command information system


Based on the operational environment of the actual command information system, the virtual battlefield environment and the corresponding control system, it highlights the various information elements and their characteristics in the modern battlefield, and solves the training problem of the division (brigade) head office and commanders at all levels relying on the actual command information system in the whole system and all elements environment on the basis of force confrontation.


Training function

·Operational skills training for command information system of various arms and communication, radar, reconnaissance and electronic countermeasures.

·In the complex electromagnetic environment, the command information system based on virtual forces organizes training and operational training.


System features

·This paper focuses on highlighting all kinds of information elements involved in the operation of digital forces, shows the influence of information countermeasures on actual combat command, and realizes combat training in complex electromagnetic environment.

·Based on the construction of actual equipment command information system, it has the ability to support the equipment operation and use training of Army Digital force command information system, organize application training and combat operation training.

·There are various training modes for commanders, staff officers and professionals at all levels, joint training of command post and confrontation drill of command post.


Application object

It includes five levels: the commander of the army, the staff officer, the commander of the unit, the technical officer and the soldier.

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