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Vrbs battlexpert battlefield situation display platform 2017A officially released

On June 27, 2017, Weier technology officially released the battlefield situation display platform vrbs battlexpert (hereinafter referred to as BX) 2017A.

BX is a platform for comprehensive processing of geographic data (including vector map data, DEM data and image data). Through the BX platform, the visualization of two-dimensional electronic map and three-dimensional terrain can be generated, and then the functions of conventional terrain analysis and military icon drawing can be further realized on the electronic map and three-dimensional terrain. In addition, the situation driving data can be obtained from the external system through UDP, TCP, RTI and other interactive methods to drive the dynamic display of battlefield situation. The dynamic display includes two-dimensional military standard display and three-dimensional model display, as well as the dynamic change display of battlefield situation by reading the scheme configuration file and extracting situation information.


BX software is based on the conventional functions of 2D / 3D GIS, aiming at the new requirements of military application for GIS system, and focuses on enhancing the core functions of military terrain analysis, military plotting, situation display, etc. BX can meet all parts of military application requirements involving battlefield environment display and battlefield situation display, such as:

  • 2D / 3D situation display in military simulation

  • Two dimensional / three dimensional display in actual military exercises

  • Geographic environment and information display involved in daily military activities

  • Analysis of terrain research in military teaching

  • Terrain analysis in military activities

application area

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