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Real antenna design capability is further enhanced

In the professional reflector antenna design tool grasp product family, the additional mom solver can further enhance the ability of real antenna design. Share with you The latest case from the front line of product research.

In a typical reflector antenna system, the feed is often mounted on a strut. In general, the strut will interfere with the ideal far-field pattern, so the strut must be considered in the antenna analysis. In the basic module of grasp, some special strut models can be used to analyze the influence of strut. Although these models are accurate enough, they still have some limitations

1.    The shielding from the feed and the mutual coupling between the feed, the strut and the reflector are not taken into account, so they can only be modeled approximately.

2.    The strut and other scatterers cannot have direct physical contact with the feed and reflector, but this is not the case in the actual antenna structure.

3.    The influence of the strut and other scatterers on the return loss of the feed cannot be established.

In the grasp product family, mom solver can better analyze the real antenna composed of reflector antenna, strut and other scatterers.

utilize Mom solver The CAD file which can reflect the antenna details can be imported into grasp and analyzed, including the feed shielding and mutual coupling between all components. The antenna pattern and feed return loss can be fully considered in the calculation results.


The above figure shows the case of mom solver calculating the positive feed reflector antenna. The case includes the connection of three strut supports and the corrugated horn feed of two rectangular feeding waveguides. It can be seen in the figure that the strut is connected to the reflector, and the antenna is excited by the circular waveguide end port in the corrugated horn. The mom current of all parts can be obtained by running a single command.

In this case, the reflector aperture is 48 wavelengths, and the analysis of corrugated horn, reflector, strut and waveguide on a standard laptop computer requires 2.6 GB of memory and takes 10 minutes to run.

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