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POS v6.2.1 release


      POS is a special tool for shaped antenna design and phased array optimization. It can be used in the design of equivalent beam coverage antenna on spaceships and satellites, as well as ground-based antenna design, such as radar, VSAT radio telescope, etc. POS is the only successful commercial reflector shaping optimization software. 99% of commercial satellite reflector shaped antennas are optimized by POS.

       On the basis of POS v6.2.2, the newly released POS v6.2.1 has carried out several bug repairs and improved the following capabilities:

  •   One POS shows one curvature

  • POS v6.2.1 provides options to change the 3D view back end

  • POS v6.2.1 optimizes the file size when exporting CAD files of some combinations of surfaces and overlays

  • POS v6.2.1 issues a warning for too small spline regions

  • POS v6.2.1 ongoing POS optimization can be suspended at the current minimum residual (Linux, non MPI systems only)

  • POS v6.2.1 can create "create", "set", "delete" commands through GUI

  • POS v6.2.1 updates the latest USB dongle driver to prevent vulnerabilities


About Weier

      Weier technology was founded in 2003. Its headquarters are located in Beijing Zhongguancun high-end talent entrepreneurship base. It has R & D centers in Beijing, Chengdu and Xi'an, and has offices in Guangzhou and Nanjing. Adhering to the core tenet of "independent innovation" and "serving the army", the company focuses on the research and development and service of network space simulation and military simulation training, forming core application software products with independent intellectual property rights, serialized simulation platform and overall solution scheme of software and hardware system, covering combat deduction, simulation training, network security and early warning exploration in professional direction Measurement, spectrum management, precision guidance, electronic countermeasures, intelligence reconnaissance and other fields provide support for the demonstration, development, test, operation and training of weapons and equipment.

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