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Upgrade Champ to champ 3D

CHAMP Upgrade to CHAMP 3D

TICRA We are developing a new product that will bring CHAMP Extended to any three-dimensional geometry, including feed and waveguide components such as polarizers OMT Joint, filter, etc. With the naming of new products, CHAMP 3D Will replace CHAMP It becomes the preferred tool for feeder link design.


Embedded predefined component library

stay CHAMP 3D You can choose from a predefined component library or from a CAD The components are loaded in the file to construct complex 3D waveguide components or feed structures. In addition, the scattering parameters and radiation results of the feed excited by any waveguide mode or combination of waveguide modes can also be calculated.

The simulation uses special methods to analyze specific components, such as modal matching method or moment method, especially for each element.

Convenient establishment of rotationally symmetric horn

CHAMP There are professional ones 2D Editor, can be used to easily create axial or radial wave horn, smooth wall horn and rotationally symmetric reflector.

A large number of optimization algorithms are available

In order to ensure the optimal design of the feed and waveguide components, CHAMP 3D Different optimization algorithms are provided, including global optimization algorithm and local optimization algorithm.

CHAMP 3D And GRASP Seamless integration in one interface

Use at the same time CHAMP 3D and GRASP The whole system can be optimized from the waveguide to the reflector through the input Secondary pattern And scattering parameters.


More about CHAMP 3D And the current CHAMP Users and new CHAMP 3D Examples of how users will benefit from this release will be released soon.