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New version of ticra tools 19.0 released

TICRA Tools 19.0 New version released


TICRA Tools 19.0 The new version and software of the antenna are released. Ticra tools provides a workflow between grasp, esteam and Champ 3D, which improves the joint work of software products. Users can combine the characteristics of one product with other products, so as to carry out advanced analysis and design complex antenna structure.



【TICRA Tools】

n   Optimize antenna and waveguide components

TICRA Tools It has built-in optimization function, which allows users to optimize the design of antenna and waveguide components. Any geometric features defined by variables can be optimized to meet the far-field and near-field performance and scattering parameters of the target. Five different mature optimization algorithms can be provided for users to choose.



n   Coupling between antennas

When different antennas are installed close to each other, such as on a mast or spacecraft, the coupling between them will inevitably occur directly or through the scattering process. The coupling function in ticra tools can use any available analysis method to calculate a given antenna system.



n   Quasi optical analysis

As an add-on module for the previous generation of products, quest is now included in grasp as a standard module. The module can easily build a quasi optical system using quasi optical frame objects, and includes modeling objects of common devices in related quasi optical systems, such as dielectric lens, beam splitter, etc.


n   Advanced GTD: suitable for large reflector and scattering

Multi GTD, as an add-on to previous generation products, is now included in standard grasp. Multi GTD can be used to analyze scattering problems by using geometrical diffraction theory, which is suitable for the analysis of electrically large structures.



In addition, ray tracing associated with GTD is also effective in finding interference paths in complex environments, such as antenna measurement facilities.



[esteam] (formerly mom)

MoM The add-on has been separated from grasp and renamed esteam. Esteam can be used with grasp or purchased as a stand-alone product for the design of general purpose antennas and large structures. Esteam can combine the functions of ticra tools framework, optimize and couple, and reduce memory consumption significantly through improved mlfmm. Especially on multi-core computers, esteam ensures high speed and accuracy.



CHAMP 3D It is a new product for the analysis and design of passive waveguide components and complex feed links.


With Champ 3D, you can calculate the scattering parameters of waveguide components, which can be loaded from predefined component libraries or CAD files. Waveguide components can be combined to form waveguide components or complex feed links, and all optimization functions of ticra tools can be used for design improvement.


n   Embedded predefined component library

CHAMP 3D Allows users to select from predefined component libraries or load components from CAD files to build complex 3D waveguide components or feeds. In addition, the scattering modes of the waveguide or any combination of the radiation modes of the waveguide can be calculated.


n   Convenient establishment of rotationally symmetric horn

CHAMP With professional 2D editor, it can be easily used to create axial or radial wave horn, smooth wall horn and rotationally symmetric reflector.


[Champ 3D and grasp are seamlessly integrated into one interface]


Using Champ 3D and grasp simultaneously, the whole component link of reflector system can be optimized, from coaxial input, through waveguide to feed and reflector. The optimization target can be secondary pattern and scattering parameters.