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Weier technology helps "2019 national EW conference"

In order to discuss and exchange the latest research results of global electronic warfare, actively promote the integration and leapfrog development of electronic warfare technology, and promote the development of technologies and industries related to electronic warfare, the "2019 national electronic warfare conference" sponsored by Hefei municipal government, China Electronics Society and supported by Weier technology and other companies, was successfully held in Hefei, Anhui Province from October 30 to 31.

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During the meeting, representatives, experts and scholars visited Weier science and technology exhibition stand to consult our products and solutions. The staff of Weier listened attentively, and answered attentively on communication network, radar detection, electronic countermeasure, simulation training, etc., and their professional and enthusiastic service was unanimously recognized by all.

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Weier science and technology always adheres to the customer-oriented, independent innovation and development path, with advanced technology, perfect products and high-quality professional team, to provide customers with satisfactory service, and seek common development with customers.