New version of ticra tools 20.0 released


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New version of ticra tools 20.0 released

With the release of ticra tools 20.0, users will be able to use many performance improvements across products (grasp, champ 3D, esteam and qupes). At the same time, many features in the new version are excellent in simplifying the complex design and analysis tasks in the daily work of users.

The following is a brief introduction to the new general functions of ticra tools 20.0.

Distance measurement in 3D view

The new function of measuring the distance between two points in 3D view makes it very easy to verify the size of complex models in ticra tools.


Convenient selection of tutorial cases

The new version of ticra tools can easily get tutorial cases from the startup interface. Currently, there are 36 different cases corresponding to various usage scenarios of ticra tools.


Optimization goal based on user defined expression

Ticra tools 20.0 provides a new optimization objective, and the optimization variable can be the value of user-defined expression, which provides a more convenient way to maximize, minimize or aim at optimizing user-defined antenna system attributes.

User defined color

Users can customize the colors used for most of the geometric objects on the antennas & scatters label, color specific objects, or customize colors for each object individually.


Frequency group characteristics

Frequency group can be used to simplify the setting of multi band antenna, including the reference list of other frequency or wavelength objects. It is especially useful when a large number of Champ 3D devices are connected as a combined device. Users can easily switch between multiple frequency bands or frequencies by modifying one object.

A new derivative free optimization algorithm

Derivative free is a new optimization algorithm (non derivative optimization algorithm) provided by the new version. The non derivative optimization algorithm is a local optimization algorithm, which is different from the gradient based algorithm and does not need to calculate the partial derivative in each iteration. stay cost function assessment It's very time-consuming And it is very useful in applications where partial derivatives need to be calculated by numerical finite difference method.

List of project comments and job comments

Project comments can be specified in the file menu, and comments can be provided for each job in the results tab. The list of Job Notes can be printed and retrieved to facilitate users' daily work.

Project cleanup

This new feature helps clean up unused objects in a project, and can apply project cleanup recursively, automatically deleting all objects that are not referenced through any command.

Trigonometric function with degree

The expressions in the input fields of the new version can use the following trigonometric functions with degree parameters: sind(), cosd(), tand(), asind(), acosd(), atand(), and atan2d().

Easier replication optimization management

Right click the Optimization Manager tab to copy the optimization manager.

Optimized unattended installation

The unattended installation mode of command-line installation supports more options. You can use "- help" as the parameter of the installation program to view the available options.

With the release of ticra tools version 20.0, in addition to the above general function enhancement, in grasp, We will introduce the features of each sub QUS in the future. Weier technology is ticra's exclusive partner in China, If you can't wait to learn more about the enhancement of a sub option, please contact us at 400-110-6266.