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VRNET NetXpert
Vrnet netxpert network space simulation platform


Vrnet netxpert software makes full use of the advantages of vrnet developer in high-efficiency discrete event scheduling algorithm and parallel simulation function in communication network simulation, breaks the use mode of traditional network simulation tool development modeling and simulation, uses the user guided configuration to build the simulation system, which makes the user's network construction work more convenient and efficient. Another significant advantage of vrnet netxpert software compared with vrnet developer is that it can display multi-dimensional situation of simulation scenarios.

Vrnet netxpert software is positioned to use the wizard mode to carry out the overall network planning and simulation operation. The network types that can be planned include common satellite, microwave, IP and their upper layer business network. During network planning, the hardware in the loop platform (such as virtual host, server, etc.) can be connected, and the network nodes can be collected and analyzed.

Platform composition

  • 2 / 3-D network power space situation display module, including 2-D map display, network data flow display, electromagnetic environment display, network structure display, network index monitoring, etc.

  • The guided network power space construction module based on GIS platform includes basic map data, platform level network environment layout, platform communication load planning, IP network planning, business network planning, situation display effect planning, etc.

  • Electromagnetic propagation module, including basic electromagnetic propagation calculation, short wave, sea surface evaporation and other waveguide propagation models.

  • Professional network wizard configuration module, including satellite network / ATM network wizard configuration capability.

  • Hardware in the loop simulation module, including NX actual installation access module and planning, network data drop module and planning, network attack and defense module and planning.

application area

  • Research on communication network

UAV relay simulation

Simulation and research of satellite constellation networking

  • Situation awareness

Network power situation awareness

Situation awareness and data recovery

  • Experimental training

Equipment simulation operation training

Functional features

  • Support database function;

  • Support real-time effectiveness evaluation;

  • Support the path planning of moving targets;

  • User defined import of user protocol is supported;

  • Support business / command and control planning, easy to operate;

  • Support a variety of network protocols and network structure planning;

  • Support complex electromagnetic environment calculation and improve simulation reality;

  • It supports hardware in the loop access to realize the simulation effect of virtual reality combination;

  • Support two and three-dimensional situation display, three-dimensional and vivid display of network operation situation;

  • It supports the collection and storage of simulation data, and provides materials for further study of network operation mechanism;

  • The high-precision network simulation engine with independent intellectual property rights is used to deeply simulate the network operation;

  • Guided network planning function enables users to build a real network environment without paying attention to network details;

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