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VRAD SensorXpert

Sensor xpert sensor simulation platform  


VRAD sensorxpert Sensor simulation platform is a set of sensor simulation platform based on thermal physical calculation and engineering test data, considering atmospheric transmission characteristics and complex background environment. It can generate real-time dynamic high-resolution images (including visible light, night vision, infrared, SAR, etc.) of target and environment scene, which is widely used in multi band imaging simulation.

The sensor simulation platform has high-precision terrain model library and target model library, which can be customized and developed according to the actual engineering requirements of users. The sensor simulation platform provides a semi-automatic material division tool to effectively reduce the difficulty of material processing. It has built-in 300 + verified material files, and users can modify the material library parameters or create custom materials. The sensor simulation platform provides real-time and accurate atmospheric radiation transmission model through highly optimized MODTRAN source code. The sensor simulation platform has unparalleled advantages in the secondary development capability. By setting the output channel number, channel arrangement and other parameters, the sensor simulation platform can meet customers' requirements for output display. In addition, the sensor simulation platform provides rich physical interfaces to meet the requirements of various hardware in the loop and injection simulation.

application area


  • Characteristic analysis of target and environment

Sensor simulation platform The band range of SAR is 0.2 ~ 25.0 μ m, in which any band to be simulated can be specified, and it can be extended to microwave band to realize SAR, ISAR, MMW, PPI imaging, etc. SAR imaging simulation can support L / S / C / X / Ku / Ka / W band.        

The simulation platform has built-in 300 + material category, and the spectral accuracy reaches 5 nm in visible light band and 6 wavenumbers in infrared band. Researchers can use the generated high-precision images to study target detection and recognition algorithms in different spectral bands and in various equipment conditions in the laboratory.

  • Sensor design and research

Sensor simulation platform Provide advanced photoelectric sensor effect modeling and simulation module, with the ability of engineering level sensor parameter setting, including accurate modeling of optics, detector and electronics and display influencing factors (including optical f number, focal length, aperture size and shape, detector spacing, detector filling factor, focal plane array resolution, detector dewar, 1 / F Noise, white noise, physical characteristic parameters of front and rear amplifiers and nonuniformity, image blur, black heat / white heat, etc. Researchers can input the specifications and parameters of the actual sensor equipment to simulate the real sensor.

  • Simulation training image generation and man in loop simulation

Sensor simulation platform It can generate real-time multi band scene simulation images for air, ocean, land and other environments, considering various meteorological conditions (rain, snow, fog, cloud), interference (jamming bomb, smoke bomb), sensor effect (position, attitude, performance parameters), etc.

  • Hardware in the loop and injection simulation of seeker

Sensor simulation platform Provide optimized thermal solver, atmospheric transmission model and special effect model, use GPU for 3D scene synthesis and rendering, output real-time dynamic simulation image, the highest frame rate is not less than 200Hz, and has rich interface configuration (DVI, VGA, hdim, VMIC, TCP / IP, LVDS, etc Camera link, etc.) can meet the requirements of real-time infrared image generator in the hardware in the loop simulation test of seeker.


  • characteristic

  • Simulation of infrared characteristics with high confidence

  • High performance, real-time full dynamic physical characteristics

  • Deep source code level optimized MODTRAN atmospheric transport model

  • Unified database output multispectral multisensor imaging

  • Accurate and simple semi-automatic material classification

  • Rich, the highest spectral accuracy of the material library, and material files can be customized

  • Modeling of Engineering photoelectric sensor

  • Highly developed API interface for secondary development

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