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corporate culture

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Mutual generation and mutual restraint

The main colors of logo are red and black. Red and black are two kinds of more lasting and opposite colors. Opposition means mutual generation. In the book of changes, there is "mutual restraint and mutual generation". Stendhal in France has written the classic novel "red and black". In traditional Chinese drama, there are singing red faces and singing Black faces, which are all intended to be one of them. The choice of red and black is to hope that enterprises can make use of the objective law of mutual generation and mutual restraint of things, so that Weier enterprises can realize continuous and sustainable development, and finally achieve a century old store and an evergreen foundation.

Virtual world reappearance

V and R are taken from "virtual world, The abbreviation of real exploration, which means "virtual world, real reappearance", represents the fields and industries that Weier enterprises are engaged in. By providing innovative technologies and forward-looking solutions in the field of simulation, the virtual and real worlds can be well integrated; in the process of business implementation, enterprises can achieve win-win results with customers and partners.

Harmony of Chinese and Western culture

In the case of overall symmetry and harmony, the use of "Chinese" and "western" two different fonts, the left side of the logo is western font, and the right side is Chinese official script, which shows that Weier enterprises should firmly base on the whole human society, can not be narrow national enterprises, adhere to open cooperation, build a harmonious business environment, and actively integrate Eastern and Western thinking.

The combination of hardness and softness

It emphasizes the combination of "Yin" and "Yang". The left side of the logo is relatively straight, showing the masculine side, while the right side of the logo is relatively curved, showing a bit of yin and softness, just like the hard martial arts of the golden bell cover and iron cloth shirt, as well as the soft martial arts such as Taiji. Weier people will learn to use this method to deal with problems, with ease, based on the present and direct to the future.